What if failure didn’t exist? How would we cope? What is failure anyway? Are we right to avoid it? 
The project takes the concept of Failure and asks what has it done for us? Moving beyond the familiar bounds of ‘creativity-speak’ the aim is to ask the audience to reassess both their and others’ failures. Reform opinions. Reexamine assumptions. Move away from judgemental towards a wider perspective. Look at the impacts of Failure and see how they play out. Overall in order for this project to resonate with a wide audience I propose it to be collaborative in its creation. To draw on others’ experiences of failure. 
The first phase will be an ‘infinity of failure’ installation – building on Umberto Eco’s concept of using lists to demonstrate the enormity of a subject – we will invite contributions of lists relating to failure. Categories could include personal, social, emotional, physical, economic. The contributions will be collected using social media, call outs, possibly preparatory workshops. They will then be displayed as a wall of lists, detailed and varied. The sheer scale of the number of items identified is intended to demonstrate the overwhelming nature of failure when an individual is faced with it.
The second phase of the show will be a series of responses to the first phase. The exact format is of course not set as yet but the content generated by phase one will ideally be the starting material. To maximise collaboration and participation, Each artist contributing a response will be asked to take part in a symposium or workshop while the show is on. The artists could be identified from contributors to phase one.
The third phase will be an display of ideally mundane but indispensable things that owe their existence to failure eg penicillin…the intention is to show that without failure we cannot exist. 
In order to encourage immersion/involvement all the phases will include opportunities for audience participation, whether by adding to the existing lists, volunteering personal experience with each of the things identified in phase three or similar contributions.