What just happened here?

Iteration 1: Preston bus station 50th birthday project

19 October 2019

Collecting voices

Collection of local residents’ reactions, memories, emotions, stories at the birthday celebrations for the bus station. Direct research, face to face.

The request was made simply and with a device based on the recognisable image of the wall tiles from the station. This device combined with the use of Helvetica font for all graphics, social media imaging etc made the link with PBS clear.

Iteration 2 : What did we learn?

This project is the only part of the 50th birthday celebrations that pulls information in rather than pushing it out into the community. The data collected from locals gives us a cross sectional view of Preston’s response to this significant building. This is unique.

Regardless of their age, contributors strongly identified PBS with connections, meeting, friendship, love.

Iteration 3: what is the response?

What can we do with this insight? How can we use it? PBS has a central and strong emotional and physical place in the community. Can these be combined? Can we use residents’ contributions to improve the physical environment and/or reinforce its status.

Proposal: installation meeting point